Joe Perlaky composes music and soundscapes for use in TV, Film, and internet commercials for music production houses, production companies, and branding agencies. 


Joe graduated from the University of Toledo with an Education degree in both instrumental and choir music. Upon graduation, he taught elementary and secondary music for 1½ years, retired, ending his daily investment in Tylenol. 

For the next 13 years, he played professionally full-time in clubs and lounges in the region. He also developed his music composition and recording skills mainly in the orchestral, jazz and electronic genres. 

In 2001, www.joeperlakymusic.com was founded as a US-based company located in Ohio, near the shores of Lake Erie. Joe has collaborated with Entrepreneur Magazine, where he co-produced a series of nineteen “How To” audio-books on CD and five independent audio-books. He also co-produced a PBS documentary, “Ohio: A Sentimental Journey.” 

Joe is a recent graduate of Tommy Zee’s Master Class “Making Music For Brands.” 

Passion: I love making music that touches your head and your heart!

Passion: I love making music that touches your head and your heart! 


Tommy Zee –Owner, Music Production Company For Brands


  Joe was one of my most active and dedicated students. Quick and diligent learner, but also already seasoned / experienced in crafting compositions in some of the more difficult genres like jazz and orchestral. It was a pleasure to have him onboard. 

Walter Guy – Musician, Performer


   Precise detail coupled with a seasoned vision for music production is Joe Perlaky. Projects finish on time; a competent partner to engage.  

Janaye Ashman - Singer, Actress


  Joe has a fantastic ear and is a master of creative arranging and instrumentation. He's also a knowledgeable man of business, blending his art with practicality. I especially appreciate Joe's thoroughness and attention to detail. 

Michael Drew Shaw – Author, Narrator


 Joe Perlaky is a valued business partner. We share a commitment to excellence in our many joint ventures including an audio book series for Entrepreneur Magazine and Audible.com and Ohio, A Sentimental Journey, and PBS.